PRIVATE Freestyle Coaching in Kaprun Austria

Rider: Björn Hartweger Individual Freestyle Coaching...

Park Safety

Park Safety Rules:  1....

Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn

The Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn is about 30000m² big and consists of...

PRIVATE Freestyle Coaching in Kaprun Austria


2 hours - Private Freestyle Coaching

€ 210
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 210

3 hours - Private Freestyle Coaching

€ 280
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 280

4 hours - Private Freestyle Coaching

€ 335
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 335

Freestyle CREW Coach - 3 hours

€ 335
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 335

Freestyle CREW Coach - 4 hours

€ 390
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 390

Snowboard Freestyle Workshop - Pow Jumps
Rider: Björn Hartweger

Individual Freestyle Coaching for
Snowboarders and Skiers
 in the Snowpark
on Kitzsteinhorn in Kaprun.

Freestyle Coaching

 with certified Freestyle Coaches

Ski & Snowboard

Learn much faster with the individual attention and coaching of a private instructor!

The goals are set by your personal
   needs, physical abilities and wishes.

 Private Ski/Snowboard
 Freestyle Coaching

  2 hours               ... € 210.-
additional participant € 20.-
  3 hours              ... € 280.-
additional participant € 30.-
  1 day (4 hours) ... € 335.- 
additional participant € 30.-

  ➜ each offer is valid for 1 or 2 participants


Requirements to take part in Freestyle Workshops/Coaching:

You should already be a advanced rider and red slopes should not be a problem for you.

Riding with parallel ski position and controlled riding when going straight ahead on a snowboard: enabling the approach of jumps in the Freestyle Park. 

Carved Turns, simplifying the learning of rotations and riding the Half Pipe!

We recommend to use Freestyle Skis or Snowboards (Twin Tips)

It is required to wear suitable Freestyle Safety Gear during the lessons such as helmet and back protection!

  You are already a crew, a group of friends and you would like to
      rock the freestyle park together with a certified Freestyle Coach?

     Book a Freestyle Crew Coach and save up to € 50.-

ℹ️ Snowboard School - all offers...

➜ Available from October 14th 2023 until May 1st 2024!

Hartwegers Freestyle Workshop - Superpipe

 Freestyle Friends 
 Crew Coach

 up to 5 participants!

   3 hours              ... € 335.- 
additional participant € 30.-
   4 hours              ... € 390.- 
additional participant € 30.-

Ski Freestyle Workshop

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    • Freestyle Park - Safety!

Park Safety

Park Safety Rules:

 1. Show consideration for other riders in the park:

Do not ride in a way that endangers other riders. Only hit an obstacle when the previous rider has left the landing area.

 2. Control your speed and the way you ride:

Every skier and snowboarder must ride according to the weather and snow conditions, visibility, terrain conditions, traffic and your ability. Only ride the obstacles you can master.

 3. Choice of line and where i can stop:

You should never stop in landing areas or in blind spots where you are not visible from above. After a fall or an accident, try to leave the landing area as quickly as possible. 

 4. Walking in the park:

If you want to walk up or down the park, you have to stay to the side of the park. Never walk up landing areas. 

 5. Heed the signs:

Please follow the instructions of the shapers and on the signs in the park. Closed Obstacles must not be ridden or re-opened by yourself. 

 6. Assistance:

In the case of an accident, every person in the vicinity has to assist. 

 7. Identification:

In the case of an accident, every rider, witness or participant must show his I.D.

Every rider must also follow the 10 F.I.S. rules.




Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn

Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn.jpg

The Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn is about 30000m² big and consists of the Glacier Park, Central Park, Easy Park and Half Pipe.

 Thanks to Hilli, Lippi, Mescht, Gustel, Alli, Stefans und Toms and the rest of tha Park crew - respect!