KIDS CLUB - Ski School and Lessons for children in Kaprun Austria

Ski School for children and Ski Lessons for kids from 5...

HOLIDAY PACKAGE for Children in Kaprun, Austria - Ski, Snowboard


MINI CLUB - Ski School and Lessons for Children in Kaprun Austria

  Skischool in Kaprun, Austria for children, 3 or...

Child Care and How we instruct your children in Kaprun

Child Care

Information about Beginner - Ski Lessons for children

Informations about the equipment •FAQ - Answers on frequently...

Information about Holiday Periods and what you can book

Find out when Kids Club - Group Lessons in Kaprun are available and...

Information on the correct equipment for children

"In the mountains there´s never bad weather - just bad equipment!" What...

KIDS CLUB - Ski School and Lessons for children in Kaprun Austria


1 day Kids Club Ski

€ 80
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 80

2 days Kids Club Ski

€ 160
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 160

3 days Kids Club Ski

€ 235
Online Booking Rabatt: 5%

€ 224

4-6 days Kids Club Ski

€ 255
Online Booking Rabatt: 5%

€ 243

BEST DEAL Ski (child): 3 days lesson + 6 days rental

€ 278
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 278

Holiday Package SKI (5-15y): 4-6 days lesson + 6 days rental

€ 297
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 297

Ski School for children and Ski Lessons
for kids from 5 to 15 years!
Group tuition for all levels in Kaprun, Austria. Welcome to Hartwegers

Ski Group Lessons for Children

⟩ Our aim is not only that your child learns a lot,
  but also has great fun together with other kids!

⟩ Bookable daily from Sunday until Friday

⟩ A maximum of 10 kids per group!

Kids Club

   for Children
   1 day           ... € 80.-
   2 days        ... € 160.-
   3 days        ... € 224.-* /€ 235.-
   Holiday Lesson:
   4 - 6 days   ... € 243.-** /€ 255.-

   for Children
   Skischool & Rental
   4-6 days Group Lesson 
   + 6 days Rental Equipment

   per Child ... € 297.-** /€ 310.-
     5-15 years, Snowboard from 6 years


for Children
   Skischool & Rental
   3 days Group Lesson
   + 6 days Rental Equipment

   per Child ... € 278.-* /€ 290.-

     5-15 years, Snowboard from 6 years

 * Prices available when booking Online!
 ** when booking online and only available in Holiday Periods!

ℹ️ Snowboard Group Lesson for Kids...


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• Meeting Points
• Informations about the equipement
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• You have questions concerning a Kids
  Club Booking?
• FAQ - Answers on frequently asked

Further information about our Lessons for Children:

Whole day tuition - We instruct 4 hours per day and we make an approx.
   1 hour Lunchbreak! Duration: 9:30 until 15:00

Our qualified and certified instructors take care of your young talents whilst
   offering different learning programs according to age and ability.

During lunchbreaks your children are supervised by their instructors.
   Supervision is free of charge! Meals and drinks are not included.

Group Lessons for children are available from a minimum
   of just 2 participants per group!

⟩ The booking of additional days is easy and uncomplicated!

                           !!! BOOK ONLINE NOW !!!

Save up to 12%  when booking our Package Offers Online!

Long season from October 15th 2021 until May 8th 2022!

⟩ The 4-6 days Group Lesson as well as the Kids Club Holiday Package
   can only be booked in Holiday Periods! These courses start only on a
   Sunday or Monday - other days per request.

⟩ All Group Lessons with less than 5 participants, will receive a half day
   course in small groups (comparable to private lessons).

HOLIDAY PACKAGE for Children in Kaprun, Austria - Ski, Snowboard


BEST DEAL (child)

€ 278
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 278

Holiday Package (child)

€ 297
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 297

 for Children

  Snowboardschool & Rental
  4-6 days Group Lesson
  + 6 days Rental Equipment

  per Child  ... € 297.-** /€ 310.-

    5-15 years, Snowboard from 6 years

  Holiday Periods:  

    ⟩ Christmas: 19.12.2021 - 07.01. 2022 
    ⟩ Mid-Term: 30.01. - 11.03. 2022
    ⟩ Easter: 03.04. - 22.04. 2022
    ⟩ May-Break: (in progress..) 

    ** Only available in  Holiday Periods and when booking online!

Hartwegers Kinder Skischule
Skischool & Rental - Packages:

Rental & School Package including Ski or Snowboard Lessons
   and Ski or Snowboard Rental in Kaprun for a bargain offer!

Whole-Day tuition for children! 9:30 until 15:00 - around midday the
   groups make an approx. 1 hour Lunchbreak (supervised by the instructors)

Save per child and week compared to the regular price!

Reserve your Rental Equipment in combination with Ski or Snowboard
   Lessons per e-mail or or use our online booking service!


Snowboard Base Camp



  Snowboardschool & Rental

  3 days Group Lesson
  + 6 days Rental Equipment

  per Child           ... € 278.-* /€ 290.-

    5-15 years, Snowboard from 6 years 

   ⟩ 15.10. 2021 until 08.05. 2022

    * Tariff available only when booking online!  

Ski & Snowboard Rental Equipment:
The provided rental equipment is of highest quality and includes skis, poles and ski-boots or a snowboard and snowboard-boots.
For children the helmet is included.

Course Times - Duration:

⟩ Available from Sunday until Friday. Start Sunday or Monday!

⟩ Duration - Kids: 4 hours per day, from  9:30 until 15:00. A lunchbrake 
  (about 1 hour) is made around midday and is supervised by the instructors!
⟩ Group Lessons for children are carried out with a minimum of 2 participants.
   In case there are less than 5 participants (Kids) in the group, the ski school
   has the right to reduce the duration of the group lesson to 2½ hours per day.

Duration - adults, youths: 2½ hours per day. (9:30 - 12:00 and 12:45 - 15:15).
Group Lessons for adults and youths are available from a minimum of
    2 participants.

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Ski Lessons for Beginners
• Ski Lessons for Intermediates
• Private Lessons 
Snowboard Offers
• Informations about the equipement
• FAQ - Answers on frequently asked
• Informations concerning the Ski School

Please notice when booking:

➜ "BEST DEAL - School & Rental" includes 6 days rental equipment
      and 3 days group lessons 
➜ "Kids Club - HOLIDAY PACKAGE" includes 6 days of rental equipment
      plus 4-6 days group lesson. Group lessons are starting on Sunday
      and on Monday

 BEST DEAL for adults ℹ️ - BOOK Online...

MINI CLUB - Ski School and Lessons for Children in Kaprun Austria


1 hour MINI CLUB

€ 60
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 60

Mini Club Group - 1 day

€ 85
Online Booking Rabatt: 0%

€ 85

Mini Club -Kinderskischule 

Skischool in Kaprun, Austria
for children, 3 or 4 years of age,
who have never been on skis before!


 Mini Club

One-on-one tuition for beginners

Ski tuition carried out in small groups
   for beginners with a little experience

MINI CLUB - One-on-One Lesson from 3 years

In a playful and educative way your child can learn their first steps on skis together with a certified instructor.

"Minis" start with a one off 1 hour private lesson

If your child enjoys the ski lesson there is the possibility to continue together with other "Minis" in a small group. Please contact our local office to book!

➜ available from 19.12.2021 until 02.04.2022

MINI CLUB - Group Lesson from 4 years
for 2 participants

• Duration: 2 hours per day
• Starting Times: 10:00 or 13:00
• 2 participants at maximum

➜ available in Holiday Periods only!

➜ Your child should be physically able to walk alone and manage the weight
     of the skis on their feet. 

 Mini Club

• One-to-One Lesson 

  1 hour       ... € 60.-


 Mini Club 
 Group Lesson

1 day (2 hours) ... € 85.-


  * Mini Club Group and additional days can only be arranged
     with our office.
Links that may interest you:

Informations about the equipment
Informations regarding children lessons for beginners
• Course Times
• Additional Days - How to book?
Still questions about MINI CLUB?
• FAQ - Answers on frequently asked questions


Child Care and How we instruct your children in Kaprun

Child Care

We are experienced in taking care of your kids:

The safety of your children is our number 1 priority!

Our instructors are specially educated and trained.

We want learning to be fun for all kids!

With child friendly, effective learning methods, we help your kids acheive their goals!

ALL instructors are officially certified ski instructors!

Our instructors speak many languages 

Lunchbeak is included in tuition time!
   In that way your young talents are supervised and taken care of
   the whole day. Lunch care is free of charge - Meals and drinks are
   not included. The office will inform you of the cost of the kids meals at check in.

Hartwegers Kinder Skischule



Kinder Club Preisverteilung.jpg
Ski and Snowboard paradise for Kids!!!

Having fun whilst improving our skills!

Our aims
 for the children's ski school are:

To create a challenging and motivating ski course for all participants

That all children show an imrovement in their skiing or snowboarding

To use teaching methods that are in line with the age and ability of the children - Your child will improve step by step!

Not to drill but to motivate the kids to partipate

To create a space where children can make friends during their holiday!

To give children the attention they need to progress and to give parents a little freedom to enjoy the slopes themselves.

We guarantee full enjoyment for both parents and kids!


ur certified instructors create new, educational and fascinating programs for children of all ages, for all levels.

We are sure your kids will be amazed!!!


ℹ️ Mini Club - Book Online!

ℹ️ Kids Club - Book Online!


Suggested Links:

• Informations about the equipement
• Informations regarding children lessons for beginners
• Course Times and Meeting Points
• Private Lessons
• Holiday Periods
• Additional Days - How to book?
• Ask us per e-mail!
FAQ - Frequently asked questions



Information about Beginner - Ski Lessons for children

Mini Club Gruppe

Informations about the equipment •
FAQ - Answers on frequently asked questions •

At first children learn how to walk and move around on skis in flat terrain. It can be tricky to balance on skis that slide - but for most kids after a few attempts it's no problem!

The next step is already more challenging. Balancing on waves, small hills and mini jumps to improve stability on skis. This helps us to learn sliding and breaking (snow plough).

Finally the kids learn to navigate through the snow. Learning to use the lifts, keeping track of the instructor and steering through slalom courses. Our instructors can help your child to easily reach these goals! 

ℹ️ Mini Club    ℹ️ Kids Club

Information about Holiday Periods and what you can book

Find out when Kids Club - Group Lessons in Kaprun are available and what you can book additionally in holiday periods...

Season 2021/22: October 15th 2021 until May 8th 2022 


  ⟩ Christmas: 19.12.2021 - 07.01. 2022 

  ⟩ Mid-Term Holiday: 30.01. - 11.03. 2022

  ⟩ Easter Holiday: 03. - 22.04. 2022 

  ⟩ May - Holiday(in Progress...)

  Following Products are only available in Holiday periods:  

 · 1-3 days Mini Club - Group Lesson (Ski only)

  · 4-6 days Kids Club - Holiday Lesson (Ski/Snowboard)

  · Kids Club - Holiday Package (Ski/Snowboard)
        4-6 days Group Lesson inkluding 6 days Rental Equipment

   ➜ Course Start only on Sunday or Monday! - other days only after contacting the office!

 Regular Offer:
 from 15.10.2021 until 08.05.2022

 Kids Club - Group Lessons - Ski and Snowboard:

• 1 to 3 days
   Additional Days are possible!

• Kids Club - BEST DEAL
  3 days group lesson + 6 days rental equipement

 Best Deal ℹ️ - more Information...




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Additional Days - How to book? 
• Informations concerning the Ski School
• FAQ - Frequently asked questions

• Mini Club and Online Booking
• Kids Club and Online Booking

• Information about the equipment
• Information regarding lessons for beginners
• How we take care of your children

• Ski Group Lessons for adults and youths
• Snowboard Group Lessons - adults - youths

Private Lessons
• Freeride
• Freestyle

• Race Training
• Instructor Training

Ski & Snowboard Rental

 ℹ️ Kids Club - Ski Holiday Lesson

ℹ️ Kids Club - Holiday Package

ℹ️ Mini Club - Group

ℹ️ Snowboard Holiday Lesson


ℹ️ all offers and prices


Information on the correct equipment for children

"In the mountains there´s never bad weather - just bad equipment!"
What should you focus on when it comes to ski equipment for children?


Children should wear good thermal underwear that keeps the body dry and warm

Ski pants and jacket should be wind-proof and water-repellent.

"Dress yourself like an onion":
Depending on the weather your child should be warm enough but not over-heated. It seems to be the best to put on several thin layers - then one can put layers on or off. In the mornings it can often be cold but as soon as the sun comes out it warms up very quickly. To dress like an onion is perfect for those situations (also for adults)! we recommend to bring a little light backpack where unneeded clothes can be stored.

Wrinkle-free ski-socks that are higher than the shoe. Socks should be dry and it is recommended to put on the socks just before putting the ski boots on (condensation) - Just use ONE pair of socks! By wearing more socks you have less space for your feet inside the boot and blood circulation is clammed - which leads to cold feet... 

Protect the throat! Either use a turtleneck-shirt/polo-neck or a textile collar. A scarf or neck warmer is nice to have with you in case it is very cold, windy or snowing.

A close fitting thin hat under the helmet is recommendable and preferred by many kids. Also very popular are balaclava style hats that cover the neck and mouth too.

Warm, water-repellent gloves or mittens.


Ski and Snowboard Equipment:

We recommend to rent or buy your equipment at local rental stores or sport shops. - It makes it much more convenient as if something doesn't fit correctly it can easily be changed... Nevertheless, if you would like to use the equipment of friends or relatives, make sure to get the equipment and especially the bindings (obligatory) checked by a professional before the lessons start. Please also make sure that the skis/snowboard is clean and that the edges are not rusty or scratched...
Most inportant: Well fitting boots - aligned to level and age! 

Ski length: chin-high at maximum for children, for beginners up to the chest-high

Pole length: approx. the hight of the belly button

Snowboard length: Chest-high

Snowboard width: Not much wider then the sole length


Further important items:

A well fitted helmet (obligatory for kids up to 16 years old)

Sunglasses or goggles

Sun protection cream (UV-30) and cold protection cream (Fat-creme) for cold days


ℹ️ Mini Club - Book Online!

ℹ️ Kids Club - Book Online!


• Ski and Snowboard Group Lessons for youths and adults
• FAQ - Frequently asked questions